Description of the desulphurization process

nablaDot has participated in projects destined to improve the efficiency of sulfur dioxide (SO2) capture in flue-gas desulfurization plants in thermal power stations. This is a complex process where the flue-gases interact with limestone slurry (as droplets). This interaction comprises the following phenomena: heat transfer (gas cooling), phase change (partial evaporation of the slurry) and chemical reaction (absorption of the sulfur dioxide contained in the gas by the slurry). An optimal operation of these facilities requires to avoid preferential paths in the gas flow, which worsen the gas-slurry contact, and to reduce the pressure losses of the gas flow without decreasing the efficiency of the SO2 capture. Given the high flow rate of flue-gases, a modest reduction of the pressure losses means significant energy (and therefore cost) savings.

Planta desulfuración de gases

Experience in desulfurization plants

The techincal staff of nablaDot, with a wide experience in the study of this sort of equipment, has developed CFD models for the simulation of desulfurization plants, and the results have supported the plant operators with decision making aimed to optimize their operation. Two examples of this are the work made for the Andorra thermal power plant, to analyze solutions to operation problems encountered at that time, and the study made regarding the installation of wall rings at the Compostilla power plant.


The advise provided based on the results obtained by the CFD models was appreciated by the technical staff of the plant, helping them to make the proper decisions to solve the (at that time) current problems and to improve the efficiency of the flue-gas desulfurization plants.

Fracción volumétrica de lechada y eficiencia de desulfuración


The complexity and quality of the work developed at those plants allowed for its publication in international scientific journals.

Detailed modelling of a flue-gas desulfurisation plant, Computers & Chemical Engineering

Computational evaluation of wall rings in wet flue-gas desulphurization plants, International Journal of Energy for a Clean Environment