Is it possible to simulate in a simple way a duct system composed of more than 200 inlets/outlets with their respective dampers? Is it possible to obtain a precise assessment of the gas/liquid flow rate by each outlet and the pressure losses in a duct system with countless operation modes (as a result of the combination of apertures for over 200 dampers)?

nablaDot has developed a methodology, based on fluid simulation techniques, to make it possible. How do we do it?

Analysis and CFD simulation of ducts

First, the technical staff at nablaDot analyzes the facility and, depending on the geometry and the detail required in each area, sets out a number of CFD simulations. The results obtained allow to define the pressure losses (and the flow rate distribution) within the different sections of the duct system, for conditions that cover the whole range of operation conditions in the facility.

Conductos-presión Contornos de velocidad conductos

Spreadsheet synthesis

The results obtained with the CFD simulations allow to synthesize the system behavior. To do so, these results are treated with algorithms developed by nablaDot, yielding to a simple model implemented in a spreadsheet. Thus, the plant operator can obtain the flow distribution by each outlet (besides the global pressure drop), just by setting up the operating conditions (e.g. total flow rate, temperature and damper positions).

Herramienta de simulación sistema de conductos

The solution developed by nablaDot has been implemented in 8 windboxes of thermal power stations, having received positive feedback from the plant operators.