Support for the design of the Almudévar reservoir

The pumping and turbine running storage tank of a reservoir is a hydraulic infrastructure, typically located at the base of the reservoir, where water is stored to serve as [...]

Support for lighting design in a shop window

NablaDot has contributed using fluid simulation to the lighting design in a shop window. This work has been carried out in collaboration with Efitekna – Efficient Technology for an [...]

Refrigeration of electrical equipment

A typical application of fluid simulation is modelling the cooling of electrical (e.g. pumps) or electronic (computer clusters) equipment. This type of equipment can suffer damage or malfunction (decrease in efficiency)

Pathway to the smart oven

Our participation in the project Cloudifacturing The digital tool presented here was developed in the framework of the European project Cloudifacturing by a consortium led by EndeF, S.L. (manufacturer and installer of [...]

The challenge of simulating combustion and heat transfer in a boiler: a chamber and 10000 pipes

The challenge of simulating a boiler The application of CFD to boilers has limited most of the times to the furnace (the area where the combustion takes place), not [...]

Valves and CFD simulation

Valves are elements where computational fluid dynamics has been usually applied: their desing, characterization (calculation of flow coefficients) or the study of cavitation (prevention and calculation of coefficients, such [...]

Mixing and sedimentation in tanks

The problems related to the particle deposition in the tank of a gas desulfurization plant motivated this project, whose objective was to evaluate the mixing and stirring in the [...]

Nitrogen oxide (NOx) emission reduction in a front-wall-fired coal boiler

This project had as a main objective the reduction, by means of primary measures (changes in the operation) or minor modifications, of the NOx emission in a front-wall-fired coal [...]

Why CFD?

CFD stands for Computational Fluid Dynamics, which is an engineering tool included in what is generally known as Computer Assisted Engineering (CAE). Specifically, CFD refers to the simulation [...]